Late July 2014 

The chef likes the garlic scapes


"Digger Bee" pollinating my sikkim cucumbers from nepal

A barley trial of mine, planted December 2013, near maturity.

It’s been a few. Trying to catch up. May, 2014.

Sing it Willie…

Pollen and Nectar Chart - Shades of Honey

Pollen and Nectar Chart - Shades of Honey

Private Message me here if you’d like to seed swap via letter

My handle is George Lee.

Shoreline planting :)
- (courtesy Clemson University)

Shoreline planting :)

- (courtesy Clemson University)

Soap and water for to keep it clean…

I love this time of year. Growing, scissoring and selling micogreens and “petite” greens weekly.

Spring has sprung!

It’s that time of the year again. Starting and caring for spring seedlings. I picked up a Valley Tool broadfork which has become a real asset. Far easier than a roto-tiller and just as effective with the ultimate goal being water infiltration, unlocking nutrients, and air/oxygen availability. Microgreens have been *the* market item until my spring succession has grown to maturity. 

I’ve been busy trying to close on a contract, starting early season things and preparing some of the beds some months out with a nice compost.

Here’s a feature on community gardens and efforts to encourage inner-city participation.

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